I Can Write, Can You Read?

Symmetry yrtemmyS: Nothing's perfect


This is simply a page dedicated to honing my skills as a writer, so I wouldn’t expect the world. I also believe that writing will encourage me to read more, for inspirational purposes. As a by product of that I will become much better in conversation! Writing for me is a way of self-exploration, and reading is a means of external-world exploration as well as a grand way of time-traveling/cross-continental communication. However, the best learning is done outside.
I’m probably much like many of the readers and writers on this website with a wide range of interests such as Philosophy, Music, Science, Literature, Film, Art, Sports, Cooking, Drinking, and Living. So there will be various topics I write about, mostly depending on what kind of kick I’m in!

I hope you take something out of my words, they will most likely be quite dysfunctional and not all that well thought out. Perhaps this classic tune sums my page up…

Ramblin’ Man – The Allman Brothers Band


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