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Mr. Jack Wheat, It’s Your Time to Speak: A Thank You Note to All Those Who Are Nobody

“Mr. Jack Wheat, Everybody! Congratulations!”


I don’t know quite where to begin, but I do want to say that I am thankful to be here today, or … uuhhh, rather tonight ( I guess it’s all a matter of perspective). Regardless, while I am thankful, I never quite know who I am supposed to thank. My mother always encouraged me to send out thank you cards to all the guests and all those who assisted me in my endeavors; I suppose a thank you card is a sort of false, and commonly mistaken as, personal sentiment – perhaps, the thank you card is congruous with someone who comes up to you and says “I’d shake your hand, but I haven’t got the time”. I’m sure a simple phone call would suffice, there is no need to go on rummaging through an worn address book only to find you haven’t updated it in years, nor is there any explanation as to why someone would risk multiple paper cuts and inky hands just so a fellow will know that “I send my thanks”. I have their phone number anyway.

Where was I again? Oh, yes! My generalizing sincerity, my universal and absolute mannerly sentiments, my thanks be to all! Alright, I thanked you. Simple. Am I done?

Why can’t anything be that easy; where is the “select all” option in life? “Select all”, “Laundry”, “Do”. “Select all”, “Working Years”, “Do”, “Enjoy Retirement”. The wondrous fruits that an easy tree could bear; we’d all be kings. But that, is exactly the problem. We can’t all be kings, can we? Somebody has got to get their hands dirty! I apologize for the banal platitudes and the trite lecturing, as well as the redundancy in word choice; but it just highlights the problem of ideal and utopian societies where everybody is special (in their own “awesome” way)! I’m not trying to get all Marx-was-wrong on you, whoever you are, but I feel the need to stress the importance of the “No-one Man” in the world. Not everybody is going to be somebody and that’s something that’s difficult to realize and live with, especially under those circumstances where it’s revealed to all important – you – that it is not the case that you will amount to being somebody

But don’t let that get you down! The No-one Man is not nobody; instead, it’s anybody, it’s liberalism idealized. Still, it’s not humanism, the No-one Man is nowhere near perfect, but he’s somebody capable of something. And although he is probably the somebody you really don’t care to meet, he’s the somebody you owe quite a lot to; and I wouldn’t doubt that he stares at you in the mirror every time you brush your teeth. ( I apologize, ladies, for the use of “he”. Gender biased language, it’s true. But use your imagination and supplant “she” where the male rules the world!)

Pave the street, make the wheat, and fix that heat. It all goes to the beat of what the No-one Man does. But it doesn’t end there; raise those kids, pay those bills, drink that beer, and click repeat. No more rhyming this time, the No-one Man ain’t that pretty. But the life he lives is not defined easily, by song or rhyme; after all, his song is not in the top 40 (nor does it have 50,000 views on YouTube).

The perfect No-one man does not exist; for perfection implies a man who’s omnipotent and infallible, but the No-one Man entails futility. The idea of the perfect No-one man is a logical contradiction and simply can’t subsist. So, there’s no mold for this man beside the limits of logical possibilities, and that would go to require that no one man who ever lives can transcend this mold.

Everybody is a no-one man, whether it goes to please you or not. Even those who are allegedly “somebodies” are at base engrained in futility; but the futility is only in relation to the infinite. The ephemeral present is where the mold subsists. No one and some one are all that you can be; but, most are still “no one”. Yet, it’s those who are no one that pave the way for the acclaimed someones to even break the mold. The world’s a place where we all do dwell, and it’s one that’s affected by our moves (f.y.i: this is where Existentialism really does break off from epistemology). We are in this world, what now? Well, I guess somebody better make it meaningful, but one person sure as hell ain’t gonna be able to find that meaning alone.

Meaning comes about when many others recognize how meaningful your individual life really was; and for one person to find meaning in life, and have it widely noted, gives us others some hope as well. We work together in order for a very few to transcend that mold of no-one (really this is actually an impossible task) and feel like it all matters for half a seconds time. But, it’s those who help others escape the chains of fruitless nihilism who make the meaning believable.

We need our kings, but we don’t need everyone to be a king. A Marxist Communist society founded upon the proletarian equality and conformity would never work because it tears the groundwork for meaning from right below its frame. So, while I stand up here on this stage, rambling, I finally have figured out what I want to say.

Thank you to all those No-One Men who have helped me on my way, and allowed me to be who I am today. Though I wouldn’t expect any thank you notes, not only because I thanked you by showing you that a meaningful life perhaps can be acknowledged and obtained, but also because I just hate thank you notes with a bloody passion.

So I guess I’ll leave you with one final, meaningful, piece of advice – Thank all those people who help you out, one by one, as they come and as they go.

(Ramble Over)


3 comments on “Mr. Jack Wheat, It’s Your Time to Speak: A Thank You Note to All Those Who Are Nobody

  1. Johannes Nelson
    May 16, 2013

    I can tell from reading this that I am very seriously going to enjoy most of what you write. In one post you had me laughing, thinking, and questioning. This is a great first post. Your writing skills and your incredibly intriguing mind are clear from the start. My mind is all over the board right now. Looking forward to more!

    • jackwheat
      May 16, 2013

      Thanks very much! I’ve got the summer time unemployment blues right now, and my rock band is failing. So, I plan to just write my thoughts out until I end up in a psych-ward somewhere. I supposed that institutional life will be better than being homeless – can you say free meals!?
      Welp, I might actually give myself some rest, have a good one!

      • Johannes Nelson
        May 17, 2013

        Hahaha unemployment blues?! I am a teacher, so my summers are my life-blood. Its like being unemployed, but with money.

        You should post some music on the blog!

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